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#FunFactFriday — public art, long process

#FunFactFriday . . .did you know…sometimes (most often) #PublicArt projects take several months (years more like it) from concept to installation. It moves along something like this…an idea sparks conversation, search begins to find good match between idea and an artist, concept development between idea people and artist, contracts move to/fro until all parties satisfied,  studio orders materials and secures additional staff to help create monumental work, 3-4 phases of the creation is presented to the commissioning parties for approval before each funding disbursement…then…delivery (which is another paragraph but I’ll spare all of us those details(!), installation, documentation, marketing and PR.

For example…the captions underneath each photo in this post are dated from 2012 (the beginning of a conversation) to 2014 July, last week actually. Congratulations Douglas — mi boyfriend and beloved caveman!

2014 July — commission for City of Palatka, Florida — delivered. Doug is standing on top of fish, red hat. Installation and unveiling soon…
2013 Summer — Doug’s maquette for the Palatka Public Art commission
2013 June — Doug and I after attending City of Palatka council meeting where he was awarded the commission for a 10’w, Bass Fish Sculpture. Funded in part by NEA.
public art, Florida, Doug Hays sculptor
2012 December — Doug preparing to speak about Art in Public Spaces at Larimer Arts Center, Palatka, Florida