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Welcome 2017 Cheers 2016

2016 • Beverly Hills • Bethesda • San Juan • Taos • Q projects • HeSheWe collaborations— from commissions to patent pending art object(s)…

black and white contemporary artThank you, thank you all (you know who you are(!)) for placing my work with integrity, for commissioning work for beautiful environments, for engaging creative projects, and most especially — to the few that always have 5 minutes and an open mind to hear me out about sculpture concepts, studio explorations, and creative pursuits that go beyond gallery walls to benefit mankind. Your listening and willingness to understand without judgement yet with constructive feedback and at times brutal honesty, helps guide me with essential round table counsel, because of “we”, this journey of “me”, continues to blossom tenfold.


Self-expression has the ability to clarify one’s thoughts and release pent up emotions — which opens doors for civil dialog, respect, humility, curiosity, kindness — whatever the vehicle:  music, performing arts, literary, painting, sculpture, weaving, cooking, gardening, fashion, photography, digital, design etc. — God willing self-expression continues to connect people across neighborhoods, borders, oceans.

“All art has this one characteristic — it unites people” —Leo Tolstoy

American Artist Brenda Heim • Studio visits welcome by appointment