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Herb & Dorothy : Quin Hotel : fodder for my Soul


Herb and Dorothy
Herb and Dorothy Vogel

Thank you D.K. Johnston Curator of Quin Arts at The Quin Hotel for mentioning Herb and Dorothy ~ NYC residents that amassed a world-class art collection on humble salaries of a postal clerk and librarian that eventually gifted 50 works to one museum in each 50 states.

I watched the first documentary “Herb and Dorothy” years ago. It filled me with an overflowing sense of goodness and reverence for the modest yet extraordinary couple who just so happened to love Minimalist Art.

In the wake of the horrific tragedy in Orlando, which is close to my studio and home, remembering Herb & Dorothy and learning about the Quin Arts & Hotel mission, my day has brightened with an air of goodness.

Here are a few links to enjoyable reads about the Vogel’s, the Collection, their documentary filmmaker, and Quin Arts and Hotel:

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