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Art Institute of Chicago

2015, Spring, Chicago — a little more about my visit…because I had limited time to explore the Institute, my visit focused on Ancient & Modern Art and the European Impressionist paintings. Now I understand why the (Impressionist) Collection is revered, room after room, filled with history, beauty, stories, some famous, most I’m not familiar with, and then…one painting — van Gogh’s self portrait 1887 — the piercing eyes disturbed me to the bone. I quickly recovered by way of nearby Degas, Cassett, Seurat… Here’s a “link to the collection” — and THAT portrait!

Chicago Institute of Art Impressionism Paintings Collection

Soul Food ::: Art Institute Chicago

Art Institute Chicago Chicago-Rodan-sculpture-captionRodin’s sculpture brought back memories of visiting the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.

The Art Institute of Chicago houses an impressive collection of Impressionistic and Post-Impressionist paintings. Room after room,  of master works and unfamiliar (to me) treasures. The visit saturated me with immense reverence and visual pleasure as I ventured from Ancient Antiquities to Modern Art. It took days to recover, or rather assimilate. Actually, it’s been 4 weeks since my visit and I’m still moved, by…the integrity of the artists’ work and the integrity and respect in which the works are displayed.

PS:  signs stated “photography encouraged”, without flash of course.

Chicago, Illinois