“My work — abstract painting and sculpture, 3″ to 12’+ — in the purest sense is rooted in the beautiful, calligraphic letterform. Like traditional calligraphy, my work also contains imperfections though more noticeable e.g. off center compositions, awkward yet interesting bent circles, which — is the absolute essence of true beauty.” ~ Brenda Heim
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In the Fine and Commercial Art industry for over 27 years, Brenda is an expert in creating commissioned work and assisting private and corporate clients, communities and artists, identify, procure or overhaul, creative endeavors.

Exhibitions and placements include Naples Museum of Art, FL, Tensho Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Quammen Health Care Consultants Corporate Art Collection, Fiserv CBS Worldwide Headquarters, Coopers & Lybrand, Adrenaline Films FL, Lake Eustis Museum of Art Permanent Collection, FL. Click HERE to read the full resume.

~Co-founder Off the Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour, self-guiding tour through Central FL
~Created Artist in Residence Program, Scott Laurent Galleries, FL
~Developed expressive painting workshop for all ages, all levels health, wit, brainpower from head trauma patients to eco-therapy retreats, corporate sector, elementary students, art centers.
~Cornerstone Hospice Planned Giving Division, co-created Art & Sculpture booklet for donors, 2011
~HIMSS 2004 Annual Conference, Guest Artist for Quammen Health Care Consultants
~Quammen Health Care Consultants | Corporate Art Collection
~MyConsultQ.com, connecting health care professionals with resources, online, on demand
~Art-In-Architecture Program | National Artist Registry

In addition to studio work – Brenda is a passionate mentor for artists and an unwavering advocate for employing the American Creative Class vs outsourcing. She encourages be a part of the economic solution which in turn helps maintain and prosper the arts in America. About the expressive painting workshop mentioned above, she states “I am an avid student of psychology and its relationship to health, healing and well being of the inner child/adult relationship and the significant role that creativity plays in restoring or igniting awareness between these natural human aspects. That said, I developed Expressions! A painting workshopSM as a tool to not only provide an experience of painting outside the lines but also as a means to tap into, recognize, hone and navigate between ‘no-mind’/analysis and the child/adult aspects. This method resurrected my creative Soul (1989) and is the foundation for my work, and life. I impart my process as a fine artist, not as an art therapist. Yes, it can be cathartic. So is communing with Nature!”–Brenda Heim 2016

To learn more about Brenda’s work via resume, bio, artist timeline 1989-present, please visit her website:  www.HeimArt.com or drop a line to the studio:  info(at)HeimArt.com

Studio visits welcome by appointment, located an hour North of Orlando International Airport.

American Abstract Expressionist
Phone: 352-357-4838

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Studio visits welcome by appointment, Central Florida