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Inspiration : ikebana & female silhouette

Made in America Contemporary Art
New Work May 2015

…from artist statement…”My work — canvas and sculpture — in the purest sense is rooted in the beautiful, calligraphic letterform.

Current work explores the female form silhouette and Ikebana flower compositions. Though unintentional, my work (most often) portrays an Asian or Zen sensibility and is without doubt, rooted in an unexplainable kinship with the aesthetics of Japanese art forms and culture. In stark contrast to recent years of complex canvases, heavy with form, industrial and bold, masculine movements, current canvasses are softer, feminine, yet ambitious brushwork seems to shine with energetic lightness.

2015 is celebratory, it is my 26th year of painting — I believe, this is the beginning of the maturation of my studio work. Finally!”

Made in America Contemporary Art

7 Sisters — two ink panels

7 Sisters, Brenda Heim, black and white ink painting, modern art

each panel 30″ x 6’8″ — Sumi ink and acrylic on linen. The title “7 Sisters” popped into my head soon after the black ink mark was finished on the left panel. A bit of research led me to the Pleiades — also known as the Seven Sisters (located in the constellation Taurus) — there are actually 9 bright stars, seven sisters and their parents. My interpretation of the constellation is the bent circle, top left.

Enso circle paintings

A circle is often a part of my work. It’s an intuitive mark always created without planning and most often in one stroke, one breath. Intrigued with years of circle markings, I researched historically cultures that use circles in art making and connected immediately with the Japanese lore:  Enso (circle) is subject to a variety of interpretations – seen as everything from a rice cake to a symbol of infinity, emptiness/fullness and the cyclical nature of existence. It is a visual and poetic image, traditionally intended to evoke feelings of calm and completeness.