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Artist Timeline

SoulOfTheBrush-eCardI think visual timeline’s are important especially for fine artists. I would like to see more of them on the web. Mine has just been updated. (!) It highlights the evolution of my work from calligraphy to “no-mind” gestural painting to modern sculpture. Here’s the link, easy peasy:  http://heimart.com/artist_timeline.html  – enjoy!


Summertime . . .

I am always extra excited for Summertime in my studio in Central Florida. It’s a period of 4 or so months to work virtually uninterrupted – while the mandatory slowing down by the hot, tropical balmy days – helps to bring light on new directions for both the work and personal goals. It’s kind of like…walking meditation.
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Way of the Brush…a large brush painting

prototype brush 48″ x 3″ assembled by Doug (sculptor, blacksmith, boyfriend!) and a couple photos of the layering process of Sumi ink and acrylic. Last photo with large black calligraphy mark is the finished piece.
Way of the Brush 9  –  7’6″ x 5’3″ Sumi ink, acrylic, raw cotton duck canvas

Walking Ink | ginormous brush

Summer work in the studio begins with new brush tools – industrial size to accomodate large scale linen and cotton panels. Prototype brushes are 18, 24, 36, 48 inches x 3″. . . tools for my inner growl to expand the reach of gestural work. O’le!

Walking Ink  6’7″ x 4’8″  Sumi ink, acrylic, enamel, cotton canvas