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Miniature paintings

Little paintings are a part of my featured work during the studio open house – 1st weekend in December. It’s a totally different kind of creative space to work small vs large scale. Miniature work doesn’t happen if my creativity is demanding mops of Sumi ink and 15ft linen panels.

HE SHE WE the exhibition


solo and collaborative works of Brenda Heim and Doug Hays

Lake Eustis Museum of Art from March 8 through April 28, 2013

To see photos from the exhibit, visit my FB fan page:  Heim Art | American Abstract Expressionist

Walking Sticks


This is a series of linear brush mark paintings, some with poetry and prayer that I’ve written.

The lines are painted from bottom to top, mostly with my non-dominant hand. I like the awkwardness of my left hand markings. Pairs well with my right hand brush work. 

The close-up photograph (click ‘full story’ at end of poem) is the poem I wrote for this piece which is scribed near center of canvas:

white tip feathers

an arrow




fly with me

fly with me

Enso circle paintings

A circle is often a part of my work. It’s an intuitive mark always created without planning and most often in one stroke, one breath. Intrigued with years of circle markings, I researched historically cultures that use circles in art making and connected immediately with the Japanese lore:  Enso (circle) is subject to a variety of interpretations – seen as everything from a rice cake to a symbol of infinity, emptiness/fullness and the cyclical nature of existence. It is a visual and poetic image, traditionally intended to evoke feelings of calm and completeness.