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7 Sisters — two ink panels

7 Sisters, Brenda Heim, black and white ink painting, modern art

each panel 30″ x 6’8″ — Sumi ink and acrylic on linen. The title “7 Sisters” popped into my head soon after the black ink mark was finished on the left panel. A bit of research led me to the Pleiades — also known as the Seven Sisters (located in the constellation Taurus) — there are actually 9 bright stars, seven sisters and their parents. My interpretation of the constellation is the bent circle, top left.

Artist Timeline

SoulOfTheBrush-eCardI think visual timeline’s are important especially for fine artists. I would like to see more of them on the web. Mine has just been updated. (!) It highlights the evolution of my work from calligraphy to “no-mind” gestural painting to modern sculpture. Here’s the link, easy peasy:  http://heimart.com/artist_timeline.html  – enjoy!


White Samurai 5′ x 7′

I’ve never been able to capture this painting well in a photograph. The paint is 5-7 layers deep. Actually…most of my painting work is challenging to photograph. Hmmm.