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New work debut . . . . . . . . . 1st weekend december

black and white modern artSaturday Dec. 5, 10am-5pm & Sunday Dec. 6, 12pm-5pm

My studio ~ Tour Stop #5, Lake County…is one of 12 studios and 4 cultural venues participating in the event:  Off The Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour…a free, self-guiding tour through Central Florida to artists’ studios and cultural venues.

The Tour meanders through two counties:  Lake County & The Greater DeLand Area. A map for each area can be downloaded from FloridaArtsTour.com or FloridaArtsTour-LakeCounty.com or can be picked up at any of the Tour stop locations (roster of participants viewable via PDF map/brochure on Tour website).

My studio will feature new work from both Doug and I ~ a couple of those pieces are in the photo above, light refreshments and a simmering campfire. We look forward to your visit…guaranteed, a most enjoyable “off the beaten path” adventure for art lovers & collectors, families, the holiday shopper, and the roads less traveled enthusiast!

For more information:  FloridaArtsTour.com  or  FloridaArtsTour-LakeCounty.com

BrendaHeim.com  |  DougHaysArt.com

...a free, self-guiding tour through Central Florida to artists' studios and cultural venues, 1st weekend in December.
Starts: 12/05/2015
Ends: 12/06/2015
Central Florida

Paper Sculpture

Ikebana paper sculpture

I’ve been exploring sculpture making for several years in addition to painting with interest to reach beyond the canvas and to develop my own style of 3 dimensional work. Instruction and guidance has been intentionally minimal so the forms can develop naturally. The paper sculptures are constructed from torn pieces of paintings and formed into small, miniature in scale (with titan presence!), that fit in the palm of hand or perch on a plinth or stack of books. The graceful lines in my sculpture designs always remind me of Ikebana, more often than my painting work. These photos are a couple views of one of the newest paper sculptures.

For information about Ikebana / Sogetsu, here are a few links :




Ikebana paper sculpture, contemporary sculpture Florida

Watercolor paper, acrylic, porcupine needle, cotton thread knot.
Brand: Brenda Heim Artist


Soul Food ::: Art Institute Chicago

Art Institute Chicago Chicago-Rodan-sculpture-captionRodin’s sculpture brought back memories of visiting the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.

The Art Institute of Chicago houses an impressive collection of Impressionistic and Post-Impressionist paintings. Room after room,  of master works and unfamiliar (to me) treasures. The visit saturated me with immense reverence and visual pleasure as I ventured from Ancient Antiquities to Modern Art. It took days to recover, or rather assimilate. Actually, it’s been 4 weeks since my visit and I’m still moved, by…the integrity of the artists’ work and the integrity and respect in which the works are displayed.

PS:  signs stated “photography encouraged”, without flash of course.

Chicago, Illinois

Florida Arts Tour 2014

My studio is Tour Stop #5. I’m honored to be in the company of fine comrades — studio owners, guest artists and esteemed not for profits. Hear hear to Community, Camaraderie & Commerce — and an extra toast to all the behind the scenes work before December. 

Florida Arts Tour, cultural tourism Florida
Off The Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour
Starts: 12/06/2014
Ends: 12/07/2014
Mount Dora, Sorrento, Eustis, Tavares, Umatilla, Leesburg, Florida

7 Sisters — two ink panels

7 Sisters, Brenda Heim, black and white ink painting, modern art

each panel 30″ x 6’8″ — Sumi ink and acrylic on linen. The title “7 Sisters” popped into my head soon after the black ink mark was finished on the left panel. A bit of research led me to the Pleiades — also known as the Seven Sisters (located in the constellation Taurus) — there are actually 9 bright stars, seven sisters and their parents. My interpretation of the constellation is the bent circle, top left.

Miniature paintings

Little paintings are a part of my featured work during the studio open house – 1st weekend in December. It’s a totally different kind of creative space to work small vs large scale. Miniature work doesn’t happen if my creativity is demanding mops of Sumi ink and 15ft linen panels.

Walking Ink | ginormous brush

Summer work in the studio begins with new brush tools – industrial size to accomodate large scale linen and cotton panels. Prototype brushes are 18, 24, 36, 48 inches x 3″. . . tools for my inner growl to expand the reach of gestural work. O’le!

Walking Ink  6’7″ x 4’8″  Sumi ink, acrylic, enamel, cotton canvas