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Black Paint — Chanel — Haute Couture

black and white modern art, brenda heim artist “The Noble One” 66″ x 4′  Sumi ink and acrylic on canvas, 2014/13

The Color Black in art (paintings specifically) — I have come to understand is most often misunderstood as negative and depressing. Though I understand art is subjective, these social and individual interpretations about the use of black in art making intrigue me. Through all of my years of painting (25), black has always empowered my work with a visual chutzpah and a sense of grounding amongst stark white palettes or swirling colors. When applied with skill — works of art that incorporate black either boldly or with delicate markings can be empowering as well as elegant and sophisticated like the Chanel Little Black Dress and — as much fun to purchase as investing in black pieces of Haute Couture.

“I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.” — Pierre-Auguste Renoir

 To view more of my paintings (with black of course!) follow this link to my website: www.HeimArt.com

Exhibition: “Celebrate The Healing Power of ART”

Manhattan Arts International hosts an annual juried exhibition entitled “Celebrate The Healing Power of ART”. This year works of 50 artists from around the world were selected. I am one of 50…!

Thank you — Lilly Wei and Renee Phillips.

To view the exhibition and learn about all of the artists selected — follow this link:  http://www.manhattanarts.com/Gallery/Healing-Power-of-ART/Winners.htm

My connection with the healing power of art began 25 years ago as my journey through recovery, psychotherapy and “no-mind” painting led me to self-discovery, accountability and biggest surprise ever, an artist career.

Digging through the trenches of my soul was not pretty nor fun — though life saving — (I could have lived without this expedition but continued as “walking dead”) I learned how to reclaim and heal a lost connection between my inner child and adult — and then — uniting myself with an emotive style of “no-mind” painting — my life force was resuscitated, and right side up.

Without doubt healing art programs are growing in value in health care and art institutions. Thank you Renee Phillips, Founder, Manhattan Arts International for all that you do on behalf of artists and the healing arts. The world needs more people like you.

To learn more about Manhattan Arts:  http://www.manhattanartsblog.com/celebrate-the-healing-power-of-art-exhibition/

ps:  though my emotive & gestural painting workshops are not advertised as years past — I welcome private workshops for individuals at my studio in Central Florida.  For more information please feel free to contact me directly: http://heimart.com/pages/contact.html

black and white ink painting, modern calligraphy, abstract art
22″ x 30″ Sumi Ink and acrylic on watercolor paper — B. Heim


Off The Beaten Path Arts Tour ~ 1st weekend in December

Every year Central Florida is bustling with inspirational holiday and art related events.

Here’s one of the ART & CULTURAL things to do ~
Off The Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour ~ a self-guided driving tour to professional artists studios and not for profits.

A free map is available via website: FloridaArtsTour.com

This year more than 50 artists are represented via 20 tour stops:
15 studios, 2 art centers, 1 art museum, an artists’ co-op and a nature center.

My studio is #5 on the tour route and features Doug Hays Sculpture, watercolors by Mary Ramirez and a new series of my Enso (circle) sculptures and abstract calligraphy paintings. Also offering light refreshments and a simmering campfire!

1st weekend in December ~ Central Florida ~ Tour Artist’s Unique Studios & Not For Profit Venues ~ Shop local for your ‘art gift list’ ~ O’le! Holiday Cheers!

HE SHE WE the exhibition


solo and collaborative works of Brenda Heim and Doug Hays

Lake Eustis Museum of Art from March 8 through April 28, 2013

To see photos from the exhibit, visit my FB fan page:  Heim Art | American Abstract Expressionist