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Paper Sculpture

modern paper sculpturewhite modern paper sculpturewhite paper sculpture modern artNew — Paper sculptures, 6″ – 9″, watercolor paper, acrylic, cotton thread knot — debuting 1st weekend December during Off The Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour! Information about the Tour and my studio in previous post…

Winter Park, Florida ~ this weekend…

…if in Winter Park this weekend for the Art Festival March 20-23  ~ be sure to visit with Maryann & Bill at Steltenkamp Fine Art Gallery, 126 Park Ave South, Suite A (upstairs), 32789 ~ included on their artist roster…yours truly and Doug. Here are a couple of our pieces at the gallery…

Ps: best of luck to all the artist’s in the festival!

Winter Park Art Festival, Florida modern artists
Brenda Heim, Doug Hays at Steltenkamp Fine Art, Winter Park, Florida 407-406-0449

Artist Timeline

SoulOfTheBrush-eCardI think visual timeline’s are important especially for fine artists. I would like to see more of them on the web. Mine has just been updated. (!) It highlights the evolution of my work from calligraphy to “no-mind” gestural painting to modern sculpture. Here’s the link, easy peasy:  http://heimart.com/artist_timeline.html  – enjoy!


Miniature paintings

Little paintings are a part of my featured work during the studio open house – 1st weekend in December. It’s a totally different kind of creative space to work small vs large scale. Miniature work doesn’t happen if my creativity is demanding mops of Sumi ink and 15ft linen panels.

Cuban Tree Frog Zen like brush

While cleaning brushes I noticed a dark spot inside the separated fibers of a brush hanging at eye level. As soon as I figured out what it was…I said…hi!

My work/live space is in an area that animals and critters come and go. One day I’ll dig out a photo of the Rhode Island Red hen with club foot that showed up for awhile and then she brought friends…duck, couple more hens, rooster and a cat. Sometimes my pure happy mojo shows up in unexpected places with unexpected characters.

Way of the Brush…a large brush painting

prototype brush 48″ x 3″ assembled by Doug (sculptor, blacksmith, boyfriend!) and a couple photos of the layering process of Sumi ink and acrylic. Last photo with large black calligraphy mark is the finished piece.
Way of the Brush 9  –  7’6″ x 5’3″ Sumi ink, acrylic, raw cotton duck canvas