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Comrade Lorraine Lax

Meet Lorraine…

Fine Artist
Orlando, Florida

Florida abstract artist
Lorraine Lax at Steltenkamp Gallery, standing in front of our work.

a long time colleague and dear friend, Lorraine and I are comrades with a lot of the same work ethics. We also value maturation of our primary studio work and how that in itself, is the life force of our careers. Though at times it takes months and sometimes years of stoking the creative fire, without forcing growth, we stay creative by pursuing other expressive endeavors (writing, sculpture/jewelry design etc), all the while on stand-by for the break or maturity to emerge via gut instinct whisper to complete a composition or a thunder clap of a new brush mark on canvas. Below is a link to her site, I invite you to visit, and enjoy. I am fond of the warrior series! — http://www.lorrainelax.com