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Paper Sculpture

modern paper sculpturewhite modern paper sculpturewhite paper sculpture modern artNew — Paper sculptures, 6″ – 9″, watercolor paper, acrylic, cotton thread knot — debuting 1st weekend December during Off The Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour! Information about the Tour and my studio in previous post…

Paper Sculpture

Ikebana paper sculpture

I’ve been exploring sculpture making for several years in addition to painting with interest to reach beyond the canvas and to develop my own style of 3 dimensional work. Instruction and guidance has been intentionally minimal so the forms can develop naturally. The paper sculptures are constructed from torn pieces of paintings and formed into small, miniature in scale (with titan presence!), that fit in the palm of hand or perch on a plinth or stack of books. The graceful lines in my sculpture designs always remind me of Ikebana, more often than my painting work. These photos are a couple views of one of the newest paper sculptures.

For information about Ikebana / Sogetsu, here are a few links :




Ikebana paper sculpture, contemporary sculpture Florida

Watercolor paper, acrylic, porcupine needle, cotton thread knot.
Brand: Brenda Heim Artist


Paper Sculptures inspired by Ikebana

Ikebana paper sculptureWorking on sculpture designs via small, hand held pieces.  Porcupine quill and torn watercolor paper, approx size 6″ x 3″ (not including quill). A couple more to view on my NEW WORKS page:  http://www.heimart.com/pages/viewart.php?imgold=littlesquare570&imgnew=littlesquare_over.gif&CatID=1&ImageID=570

Ikebana inspired paper sculpture