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7 Sisters — two ink panels

7 Sisters, Brenda Heim, black and white ink painting, modern art

each panel 30″ x 6’8″ — Sumi ink and acrylic on linen. The title “7 Sisters” popped into my head soon after the black ink mark was finished on the left panel. A bit of research led me to the Pleiades — also known as the Seven Sisters (located in the constellation Taurus) — there are actually 9 bright stars, seven sisters and their parents. My interpretation of the constellation is the bent circle, top left.

Artist Timeline

SoulOfTheBrush-eCardI think visual timeline’s are important especially for fine artists. I would like to see more of them on the web. Mine has just been updated. (!) It highlights the evolution of my work from calligraphy to “no-mind” gestural painting to modern sculpture. Here’s the link, easy peasy:  http://heimart.com/artist_timeline.html  – enjoy!


White Samurai 5′ x 7′

I’ve never been able to capture this painting well in a photograph. The paint is 5-7 layers deep. Actually…most of my painting work is challenging to photograph. Hmmm.

Miniature paintings

Little paintings are a part of my featured work during the studio open house – 1st weekend in December. It’s a totally different kind of creative space to work small vs large scale. Miniature work doesn’t happen if my creativity is demanding mops of Sumi ink and 15ft linen panels.

Way of the Brush…a large brush painting

prototype brush 48″ x 3″ assembled by Doug (sculptor, blacksmith, boyfriend!) and a couple photos of the layering process of Sumi ink and acrylic. Last photo with large black calligraphy mark is the finished piece.
Way of the Brush 9  –  7’6″ x 5’3″ Sumi ink, acrylic, raw cotton duck canvas