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2016 • Beverly Hills • Bethesda • San Juan • Taos • Q projects • HeSheWe collaborations— from commissions to patent pending art object(s)…

black and white contemporary artThank you, thank you all (you know who you are(!)) for placing my work with integrity, for commissioning work for beautiful environments, for engaging creative projects, and most especially — to the few that always have 5 minutes and an open mind to hear me out about sculpture concepts, studio explorations, and creative pursuits that go beyond gallery walls to benefit mankind. Your listening and willingness to understand without judgement yet with constructive feedback and at times brutal honesty, helps guide me with essential round table counsel, because of “we”, this journey of “me”, continues to blossom tenfold.


Self-expression has the ability to clarify one’s thoughts and release pent up emotions — which opens doors for civil dialog, respect, humility, curiosity, kindness — whatever the vehicle:  music, performing arts, literary, painting, sculpture, weaving, cooking, gardening, fashion, photography, digital, design etc. — God willing self-expression continues to connect people across neighborhoods, borders, oceans.

“All art has this one characteristic — it unites people” —Leo Tolstoy

American Artist Brenda Heim • Studio visits welcome by appointment

December 3 & 4

Florida Arts Tour 2016 ~ Studio Guide Book Now Available!

Florida Arts Tour Brenda HeimThe free STUDIO GUIDE can be picked up at supporting museums and organizations (visit website, select map area near you for locations) or it can also be downloaded as a PDF file from the website:  FloridaArtsTour.com

The Tour event “Off the Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour” is a free, self-guiding cultural adventure(!) through Central Florida to professional artists’ studios and cultural institutions...for more information please visit FloridaArtsTour.com

metal circle sculptureMy studio is Tour stop #5 on the Lake County map (1 Guide book for 3 Tour areas/maps: Lake County, DeLand, Seminole) — featuring individual and collaborative work, including miniature Enso metal sculptures, a series of the female nude in silhouette, Horse, bird and abstract metal sculptures by Doug, and blacksmith demonstrations by Darin Hillman.

We look forward to your visit and your interest in our work and studio environments…thank you for supporting American Artists!

Studio visits other than event weekend available by appointment, call or email studio directly:  352-357-4838 or info@heimart.com

modern art red painting



“…treating patrons to the artistic equivalent of dining at the chef’s table.”Gary McKechnie, Visit Florida writer/National Geographic author




free, self-guiding Tour through Central Florida to professional artists' studios and cultural institutions
Starts: 12/04/2016
Ends: 12/05/2016
Lake County, Greater DeLand Area, Seminole County, Florida

Herb & Dorothy : Quin Hotel : fodder for my Soul


Herb and Dorothy
Herb and Dorothy Vogel

Thank you D.K. Johnston Curator of Quin Arts at The Quin Hotel for mentioning Herb and Dorothy ~ NYC residents that amassed a world-class art collection on humble salaries of a postal clerk and librarian that eventually gifted 50 works to one museum in each 50 states.

I watched the first documentary “Herb and Dorothy” years ago. It filled me with an overflowing sense of goodness and reverence for the modest yet extraordinary couple who just so happened to love Minimalist Art.

In the wake of the horrific tragedy in Orlando, which is close to my studio and home, remembering Herb & Dorothy and learning about the Quin Arts & Hotel mission, my day has brightened with an air of goodness.

Here are a few links to enjoyable reads about the Vogel’s, the Collection, their documentary filmmaker, and Quin Arts and Hotel:

Two documentaries, Herb and Dorothy and Herb & Dorothy 50X50
About the documentary filmmaker Megumi Sasaki   
National Gallery of Art, The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection
“The Unlikely Medici…” LA Times
Quin Arts & Hotel NYC, passionate for high art


Art Collectors

June 2016 ::: Women of Abstract Expressionism From 40’s & 50’s

Image:  Mary Abbott, All Green, circa 1954 (included in the exhibit more info below image) for more information about Abbott’s work visit: Chicago Gallery Thomas McCormick

Mary Abbott All-Green 1954

Women of Abstract Expressionism opens June 12, 2016 at Denver Art Museum, then travels to the Mint Museum in Charlotte and in 2017, the Palm Springs Art Museum:   Denver Art Museum-exhibitions-women-abstract-expressionism

With admiration and deep respect to women artists, past, present, future ~ Salude! to the calling :  video trailer for the exhibition “Women of Abstract Expressionism”

Women of Abstract Expressionism exhibit June 12, 2016
Denver, Colorado

Paper Sculpture

modern paper sculpturewhite modern paper sculpturewhite paper sculpture modern artNew — Paper sculptures, 6″ – 9″, watercolor paper, acrylic, cotton thread knot — debuting 1st weekend December during Off The Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour! Information about the Tour and my studio in previous post…

New work debut . . . . . . . . . 1st weekend december

black and white modern artSaturday Dec. 5, 10am-5pm & Sunday Dec. 6, 12pm-5pm

My studio ~ Tour Stop #5, Lake County…is one of 12 studios and 4 cultural venues participating in the event:  Off The Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour…a free, self-guiding tour through Central Florida to artists’ studios and cultural venues.

The Tour meanders through two counties:  Lake County & The Greater DeLand Area. A map for each area can be downloaded from FloridaArtsTour.com or FloridaArtsTour-LakeCounty.com or can be picked up at any of the Tour stop locations (roster of participants viewable via PDF map/brochure on Tour website).

My studio will feature new work from both Doug and I ~ a couple of those pieces are in the photo above, light refreshments and a simmering campfire. We look forward to your visit…guaranteed, a most enjoyable “off the beaten path” adventure for art lovers & collectors, families, the holiday shopper, and the roads less traveled enthusiast!

For more information:  FloridaArtsTour.com  or  FloridaArtsTour-LakeCounty.com

BrendaHeim.com  |  DougHaysArt.com

...a free, self-guiding tour through Central Florida to artists' studios and cultural venues, 1st weekend in December.
Starts: 12/05/2015
Ends: 12/06/2015
Central Florida

Paper Sculpture

Ikebana paper sculpture

I’ve been exploring sculpture making for several years in addition to painting with interest to reach beyond the canvas and to develop my own style of 3 dimensional work. Instruction and guidance has been intentionally minimal so the forms can develop naturally. The paper sculptures are constructed from torn pieces of paintings and formed into small, miniature in scale (with titan presence!), that fit in the palm of hand or perch on a plinth or stack of books. The graceful lines in my sculpture designs always remind me of Ikebana, more often than my painting work. These photos are a couple views of one of the newest paper sculptures.

For information about Ikebana / Sogetsu, here are a few links :




Ikebana paper sculpture, contemporary sculpture Florida

Watercolor paper, acrylic, porcupine needle, cotton thread knot.
Brand: Brenda Heim Artist


Art Institute of Chicago

2015, Spring, Chicago — a little more about my visit…because I had limited time to explore the Institute, my visit focused on Ancient & Modern Art and the European Impressionist paintings. Now I understand why the (Impressionist) Collection is revered, room after room, filled with history, beauty, stories, some famous, most I’m not familiar with, and then…one painting — van Gogh’s self portrait 1887 — the piercing eyes disturbed me to the bone. I quickly recovered by way of nearby Degas, Cassett, Seurat… Here’s a “link to the collection” — and THAT portrait!

Chicago Institute of Art Impressionism Paintings Collection

Art Dealer Paul Durand-Ruel

First introduced to Durand-Ruel in a recent New York Times article from mentor, former 60’s art dealer from Greenwich Village and then today, I listened to the NPR story, link below. On behalf of all artists, THANK YOU to all the hard working “authentic” dealers that work hard and honest(!) on our behalf.

PS:  Philadelphia Museum of Art — Discovering the Impressionists: Paul Durand-Ruel and the New Painting — exhibition through Sept 13, 2015. Aloha

Paper Sculptures inspired by Ikebana

Ikebana paper sculptureWorking on sculpture designs via small, hand held pieces.  Porcupine quill and torn watercolor paper, approx size 6″ x 3″ (not including quill). A couple more to view on my NEW WORKS page:  http://www.heimart.com/pages/viewart.php?imgold=littlesquare570&imgnew=littlesquare_over.gif&CatID=1&ImageID=570

Ikebana inspired paper sculpture

Studio visits welcome by appointment, Central Florida